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Why should you book Bridal Prep Coverage?

The answer is easy!….. Because you really need to capture all that fun and friendship !!!!! Bridal Prep mornings are always, without exception, absolutely fabulous!

How often do you actually hang out with your closest family and friends getting pampered, eating yummy things, drinking prosecco / nosecco and giggling for hours like you are 5 again? How often do you get to be the centre of attention?

There may well be tears, there will always be laughter and there will definitely be an abundance of hugs. All of that should be captured in excess. and that’s what I love to do. I love just pottering around capturing all the little moments, and the big moments. I love the opportunity to get to know what my Bridal Party is like, what makes them tick, what will make them laugh and relax during the rest of the days photographs. But most of all, I actually just get a buzz from seeing all that happiness.

All the images in this post are from Ruth’s Bridal Prep. Ruth was just the loveliest, happiest, smiliest Bride. She just embraced every single moment of her entire day with all her heart and I think that that is obvious throughout her photos. They still make me smile when I look at them, and I hope that they make her and her lovely new husband smile for years to come…. not her inflatable husband… of course… her actual one! ;).



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