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Brides and their Bridesmaids

Winnie the Pooh‘s philosophy on friendship is that “Any day spent with you is my favorite day.” As a lifelong Winnie the Pooh Fan I think this mantra is the perfect way for you as a Bride to decide who to choose as your Bridesmaids. If you just love spending your days with them, then they are the bridesmaid for you!

I love photographing the bond between the Bride and her ‘I do Crew’ on the morning of the wedding. The smiles and the laughter, the chat about all the funny childhood memories and the tears that fall when they see their bestie in her beautiful dress. It’s just makes my heart happy!

Then as the day unfolds, the formalities pass, and there is that wee period of time to just chill between more formal photos and before dinner…. I love capturing those wee natural moments… chatting with your Bridesmaids on a bench, hugging your mate in front of the Christmas tree, messing with your sister while no one else is looking – I love try and catch it all for all my lovely Brides!

Then later, after the first dance friends come back into their own…. the shoes get kicked off and everyone hits the dance floor. The Bride twirling around like a princess or a crazy person surrounded by the most important people in her whole world.

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