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Christmas Festivities

The world has been turned upside down during this pandemic, so I felt like we could use a little cheering up here in Jordanstown. So out came the Christmas Tree, twinkly lights, decorations, festive tunes and the most amazing fake snow EVER!

Thank you to each and every one of my lovely Grotto Visitors. You were ALL Amazing!

My Christmas Catalogue Family

Santa Hats and Dancing in the Snow

Hot Chocolate, Bubbling Best Friends and Mummy Hugs

Family Fun

Little Red Riding Hood and her Bestie

Christmas Sweater Tastic

Childhood Awe and Wonder

Cosy Blankets, Fluffy Hot Water Bottles and Deely Boppers make the World go Round

Santa Hat Extravaganza

A Little Christmas Model

Twin Munchkins playing in the Snow

When you have the Coolest Big Brothers

Cuddles with your Little Sister and Best Friend

Mummy’s Boys

The Beautiful Birthday Girl

Winner of the most excited in advance award goes to the very gorgeous Sonali

Stranger Things, meets cute Penguins and adorable children

When the Littlest things bring the most Joy. It was hard to decide who loved my snow machine the most with this lovely family bubble

When your very own wonderful, crazy relatives come to visit the Grotto 🙂

Oodles of Festive Gorgeousness

Visitors to the Grotto, straight from the Catwalk

When your final Grotto visitors of 2020 look as gorgeous as this….

Merry Christmas One and All. Thank you to each and every individual, couple or family that have booked a shoot, wedding or grotto experience with me. I love this job and am so privileged to be asked to capture your memories for you all. Wishing you all a safe and healthy Christmas x

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