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Mr and Mrs Jinariu celebrating their very Special Wedding Day at Glengormley Presbyterian Church and the Culloden Hotel

The Culloden Hotel, N. Ireland provides the most magical setting for Amanda and Adi’s beautiful Wedding

The very lovely Amanda and Adi were meant to get married just as the Covid 19 lockdown was rolling in. When they heard the news that Weddings were no longer going to be able to go ahead, they had until midnight to tie the knot. Their very lovely friend and pastor was able to marry them that evening, but restrictions meant that they were unable to share the occasion with their friends and family.

On the 8th August they finally got to have their day of Celebration with their local friends and Family. Adi’s family were unfortunately unable to attend as they are living all over the world from their homeland in Romania, to Australia to America. However, they were included at various stages throughout the day, in the framed photos in the church and at the reception, via zoom feeds during the ceremony, and video messages during the reception. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was so beautiful.

Wishing this very lovely couple every happiness for their future together…. keep dancing x

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