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Small Businesses and Why I Love Photographing Them

N.Ireland Photographer working with Small Businesses to create content for Social Media, Marketing, Advertising and Business Websites.

I started my Professional Photography path solely as a Family Photographer. It felt like an easy transition from a lifetime of working with kids and my most recent employment as a Childminder. Kids and families come naturally to me. I just love capturing the joy, the love, madness and the small details in all the family connections.

If I am entirely honest I will admit that I initially found the prospect of taking photos of businesses intimidating. But what I didn’t think about was the fact that small businesses are so very often family run. To the people who set them up, their business is their baby. There is so much joy to be found in capturing images of people doing something that they love and giving it their all.

Photographing Images for The Nail Room in Carrickfergus Courtyard

When I spent the morning at The Nail Room in Carrickfergus I was so pleased to be able to capture not only the amazing details of each beautiful nail design, but the connection between Julie, her staff and their clients. It was so obvious, being in amongst the laughter and the banter that their clients become like family to them.

Capturing Childhood in action at The Wee Village in Doagh

At The Wee Village near Doagh it was the joy that the environment brings to the children. Victoria has created each and every corner of the play space with thought and precision. It is clear that she has researched how to bring out the imagination of every type of child from the budding baker to the builder, from the dentist and to the greatest showman. She covers it all with the most gorgeous wooden toys. It is such a family oriented business and I cant wait to go back!

Feeling therapeutic whilst photographing Squish Therapy Dough

Emma, the creator of Squish Therapy Dough, has been working on a labour of love for the last year. creating it in her own kitchen, testing out smells and consistencies with her own little family of critics and supporters time and time again until each variety of dough was absolutely perfect. It was so exciting to be able to take images of her squishy, gorgeously scented dough and know that they would be used to promote her awesome business.

Newtownabbey Photographer meets LALLO Ltd and realises just how Uniquely wonderful Paula is

Paula, of ‘Live a Life Less Ordinary’ (LALLO Ltd) works with organisations to look at their company culture and how they can unlock the potential of each individual within their workforce. She does this by focusing on the dynamics within relationships and the importance of communication, trust and connection. Paula has a wonderful warmth to her and this is apparent in everything she does. LALLO is very much about human engagement and interaction and it makes me so proud to see my images on her website

Home – Landing Page

Photographing Images for the Butchers in Monkstown as they set forth on an exciting new aspect of their Family Business

The two Raymonds have become an integral part of the fabric of our local community over the years. I first took their photos during my Keyworker Photography Project and was so very excited when Raymond asked me back to take images for a top secret project. They are so kind and friendly and full of warmth. It is always a delight to call in and see the team on the weekly meat run.

Capturing Social Media Images for the Yarn Patch at Merville House

The incredibly enthusiastic Sam has recently set up the most wonderfully warm and inviting location for anyone obsessed with wool, knitting, felt and crochet. It is so clear that this is a labour of love. Every piece of furniture has been chosen specifically to show off the amazing stock she has. Beautiful tables, sideboards and crates to house every colour of wool you could possibly dream of. I don’t even knit and I could have stayed all day!

Product Photography for the extremely clever Pill Roll Machine at family run business, McKay Pharmacy

I love the diversity of requests that you get when working with businesses to create imagery for their unique needs. This was certainly a new one for me: Can you take photos of our new pill dispensing machine? That very dry request translated into a very very entertaining couple of hours hanging out with the staff working in the Pill Roll Epicentre of the Pharmacy. The staff were so warm and friendly, and very very funny. We had a great time capturing all the images they needed for their website and a few more just for fun

These are just some of images from some the Small businesses that I have worked with to date. I have enjoyed every single shoot and thrive on the diversity of it all. If you are interested in creating content tailored to meet your own business needs then feel free to get in touch at

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