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Looking through a Different Lens at Lockdown 2020

Photographing some of our local Keyworker Heroes in Newtownabbey

2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year for everyone.  There is no one that hasn’t been affected by the Virus in some shape or form. 

During lockdown I, along with the rest of the population, became so aware of just how vital our keyworkers are, from doctors and nurses, to the emergency services, care workers, teachers, dentists, social workers, childminders, food retailers and of course my favourite postie.  Across the whole spectrum of keyworker roles they have been doing such an amazing job keeping us safe, keeping us healthy and keeping us fed. 

I decided to create a sort of photographic social documentary of some of these vital Keyworkers in my local area. I made regular image posts with accompanying mini blogs that the individuals wrote themselves.  These posts give a little bit of insight into their work, but more than that they let you see the human beings behind the masks.  These individuals are extraordinary people who all had several things in common:  their kindness, their humility and their dedication to putting other people’s needs before their own.  They continued to go to work each day despite the risks to their own health and well being. 

As we make our way along the ‘Pathway to Recovery’ it is important that we do not forget what all they have done for us.  I am eternally grateful that I got to help tell their story and capture these moments for them and their families to look back on.

You hear people wanting to see the back of 2020, to write it off and forget about it.  However, I want to make sure that we don’t forget. That we remember the love and the care that people had for each other.  Stay Safe and treasure the people around you 😊


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