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Capturing True Love at Hidden Huntley

Mark and Glenn tie the knot on their 25th Anniversary

All weddings are special, but there is something extra special about two gorgeous men being able to tie the knot on the 25th anniversary of the day they got together. These guys exuded so much love for each other. This was reflected back at them ten fold in the love and happiness that poured out of their family and friends. Their humanist ceremony was just brimming over with laughter and tears. I feel so so privileged to have been given the job of capturing that all.

But our day was about to get even better….. Mark, Glenn and I were almost giddy with the excitement of going to the secret garden at the stunning Hidden Huntley. What a Location!!!!! It just feels utterly magical. Glenn is a an author and an artist and I think if Antonia, the owner, had let him he would have moved him and Mark in for a month. I can just imagine them sitting there in their deck chairs; Mark writing stories and drawing beautiful photos of his handsome husband nerding it up on the laptop. We spent an hour just wondering around the grounds and taking time to capture so many relaxed and natural shots of them together. Wishing Mark and Glenn all the happiness in the world


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